How the genuine NHS is being replaced by a clever forgery.

Your personal NHS Services here in East London are at serious risk of fragmentation and cutting back or even scrapping – but there IS something you can do about it.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? From April 1 2014, bulldozed-through Govt regulations mean that NHS managers are being forced to buy services from profit-making private providers – costing US extra money, at the expense of universal healthcare.

HOW CAN WE STOP IT? By persuading these managers to adopt safeguards that will protect our health services from ambitious corporations for whom shareholders come before patients.

WHAT WE MUST DO - We must encourage and help the new GP-led managements – known as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – to defend local public services on behalf of local people.

WHY NOW? - Because your local CCG must now obey Govt orders that, if unchallenged, will completely change the way your NHS serves you. To begin with, it won’t look much different. But eventually it will no longer be yours.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Find your nearest NHS campaign group from the menu on the left.   If yours isn’t listed or the link isn’t live yet, email us here.

And you can INSIST on receiving genuine NHS services – click here to find out how. . .

Choose genuine NHS - be sure, click here

Dr Lucy Reynolds NHS – Section 75 (10 minute video)

To view the full hour-long interview, click here

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