What you can do

What you can do to help stop the dismantling of the NHS.

  • JOIN the Save Our NHS group for your East London area – check the list on our home page and click on the link for where you live.

  • KEEP TALKING to friends and family all over the country about what is happening to our NHS – Networking and communication is essential for a nation-wide fight for our National Health Service.

  • TELL US – in confidence – about your experiences with NHS services that are disappearing or being weakened, whether you’re a patient or work in the NHS. (See right for how to contact us)

  • WRITE to your MP about the threat to health care services in your area. Find your MP here or reach them through the 38 Degrees NHS email campaign web page.

  • ADD YOUR NAME to the local 38 Degrees campaign petition here – it has already attracted thousands of signatories from across East London but needs more.

  • WATCH the saveournhs-el.org.uk action page for details of events, initiatives and steps you can take to spread the word.

  • TELL your GP that you want to be treated WITHIN the NHS, unless there is absolutely no alternative.  Just click this link here to download your card, then print it off and complete it to hand to your GP surgery and request that it is attached to your medical records.

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