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Over the summer 2014 we heard that Barts Health Trust is losing £2 million a week, squeezed by Government ‘efficiency savings’ and the unpredictability of the ‘market in health’. In addition, Barts Health Trust has an obligation to pay £129 million every year, for over thirty years for its hospital building in Whitechapel, which was built under the controversial Private Finance Initiative scheme (PFI). According to a Guardian report, the total cost of the PFI repayment is alleged to be 7.1 billion, which is many times more than expected.

Patients and staff are feeling the squeeze from Whipps Cross to Barts and most of the cuts are yet to hit us, while competitive tendering and privatisation continue apace.

The campaign to defend the NHS locally and nationally has never been more important for the community and NHS workers.

The Government is proposing from April 13 to close general practice as well as hospital treatment to non EU migrants who have not got permanent residence status to those who haven’t paid a fee before entering the country. This will cover the length of their visas in advance for the years they intend to be in the UK. This means lots of local people, including care and health workers paying tax and NI, local family members, students will have to pay, and vulnerable people, such as undocumented refugees and other migrants won’t be able to access care. It introduces a process into health care where everyone’s insurance status will need checking before treatment, ready for insurance based privatisation.

We have produced postcards to send to local MPs as a bill will have to go through Parliament, (though consultation on proposals is closing this week). Contact us at to get cards.

Or you can download an Overseas Charges Postcard by following this link 




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