Junior Doctor Joint BMA/NUT March

Photos of the rally from st thomas’ past houses of parliament and to downing st this evening:

Big Ben 26.04.16

Lots of hooting buses, taxis and cars were encouraging & a sudden downpour of sleet didnt put us off as we marched and listened to speeches from Jeremy Corbyn, BMA representatives, patients and a heartfelt new song by the NHS Singers.

NHS balloons 26.04.16

The solidarity from the NUS was uplifting and there was a general feel that this wasn’t only about the junior doc contracts but was in fact make or break for the very existence of the NHS! 20160426_171358 NUT 26.04.16WF SONHS 26.04.16

Campaigners from Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets Save Our NHS groups, plus doctors from Barts Heath Trust were spotted among the many thousands.