Junior Doctor Strike - What you can do

Junior Doctor Strike – What you can do

Dear Lovely Friends and Family

Tomorrow is a very sad day for me and all my junior doctors friends and colleagues. We have spent 6 months singing (!), shouting, protesting, emailing, and negotiating to try and stop it coming to this, We’ll be walking out from 8am-5pm tomorrow and wednesday to stand on the picket line while the great people who have trained me to be a doctor are busy looking after everyone who needs emergency treatment.

I’m sure I’ve bored you at all at some point in the last few months about why the contract is unsafe and unfair and why, despite the fact that it will never be a rota that I will have to work because I’ll be a consultant, I’m fighting so hard to stop it being imposed by Mr Jeremy Hunt. There has been so much written about the rota that I won’t bang on about it  but the real messages are

1. The NHS is not broken- its the best value healthcare system per dollar of GDP spent in the world. However, It IS underfunded and could be improved if only we could concentrate on that rather than bullying its employees.

2. You can’t stretch the same number of doctors providing non-emergency cover from 5 days to 7 days and expect to keep a safe service. Its JUST BAD MATHS. We would all like a ’7 day NHS’ but I’d also like to ride a unicorn to work,  that is just life Jeremy.

3. The government openly states that the contract discriminates against women but they say this is legitimate. This is the first time in my life I have been told that just because I have ovaries that I am worth less than my male colleagues. It is not acceptable.

Most Importantly anyone who goes to hospital during the day tomorrow and wednesday will be looked by the very best the NHS has to offer, and junior docs will be back at 5pm. We will call off the strike the moment Jeremy agrees to come back to talk to us.

What can you do?

1. When you’re talking to anyone about this in the next few days please challenge the nonsense the Daily Mail/telegraph/BBC are selling

2. Change your social media profile to the image attached and talk about us on your social media

3 Use this link to email your MP to ask them to lobby Jeremy Hunt to come back to the table. http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1742&ea.campaign.id=48362

4. Go on down to your local hospital and have a chat to some junior doctors, or get them a cup of tea or biscuit (doctors love tea, its a scientific fact)

If you want a bit of inspiration here’s a message from my lovely choir The National Health Singers


Thanks all



Dr Ashing Lillis is a founding member of The National Health Singers