Junior Doctors Strike – 6th/7th April 2016

This Wednesday 6th April Junior Doctors will go on strike for the fourth time as the row over a new contract continues. (Click here for Full Fact short introduction)

It is clear that the government lacks a coherent plan for implementing the new junior doctor contract (click here for Public Accounts Committee examination of DOH/NHSE/HEE on 23rd February 2016). It is equally clear that it’s hellbent on forcing implementation through and willing to discriminate against 60% of the workforce in order to do so (click here for the Equality analyses of the new contract for doctors and dentists in training in the NHS). 

This is allegedly being done in pursuit of a 7 day service. However while insisting that current staffing levels for doctors are stretched to cover elective services at the weekends, there appear to be no plans to invest in the allied health staff or services that would be required to run weekend elective services. So how is that going to work?

Now it seems that the government also doesn’t actually have any idea of the number of staff working currently. (NHS has 70,000 fewer staff after new headcount – Guardian 3 April 2016)

No wonder there is a lack of a coherent plan. If the government has no idea of the current resources how can it possibly manage the present let alone plan for the future?


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