Junior doctors protest and solidarity

Clinicians, hospital staff and members of the public gathered in a sea of NHS blue on 17th September to protest about changes to Junior Doctors’ contracts and the wider destructive government plans surrounding the NHS.

Dr Louise Irvine, Lewisham GP and Chair of Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, has written a blog piece about the junior doctors’ contract and their struggle for a fair deal, to read her article click here.

Waterloo place - Junior Doctors 17.10.15Junior Doctors posters 17.10.15

Doctor holds colleague poster Junior Doctors 17.10.15One of the actions that added to the spectacle of the day was the impact of the “I’m at work today Jeremy” placards held by Junior Doctors. Each one represented a colleague absent from the protest.  The sheer numbers of the blue placards indicating all the Doctors working in our hospitals on a Saturday was staggering.

Junior Doctor Tweet from Protest 17.10.15

Patient Tweet from Junior Doctor Protest 17.10.15

The Junior Doctor Protest has been replicated all over the UK

999 Tweet Junior Dr Protest around the country 2015

Yesterday Orthopaedic Consultants from The Royal London Hospital in East London, distributed this letter in a of solidarity.

It ends “do not worry about the patients if it comes to industrial action, we will find a way to minimise the risks to the seriously ill and injured”.

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