Lewisham People's Commission of Enquiry

Lewisham People’s Commission of Enquiry

Yesterday in Catford, in front of a rapt Broadway Theatre audience, Michael Mansfield QC, and panel (Baroness Warnock and award-winning Lewisham author and journalist Blake Morrison) heard evidence from key witnesses about the downgrading or even closure of Lewisham Hospital and what it will mean for the community.

What was striking, was the absolute absence of any clinical evidence supporting the decisions about Lewisham.  The evidence presented also made obvious the case that Lewisham is a victim of successive governments’ policies which have undermined the functioning of the NHS.  A clear thread running through all the evidence presented during the day was a distinct and total lack of democracy.

“The public are no longer going to be misled with false information, the public are no longer going to put up with oppressive dictatorial – dictat essentially, from the government …(obscured by applause).”
Michael Mansfield QC – summing up

The panel will now prepare a report of the evidence.  A transcript of the day is also being created.

See below for a video of Mansfield QC’s excellent summing up of the day.

Click here to see more videos of witness statements from the day

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